We have Brazilian roots and international souls.

Bossa nova is a musical sub-genre derived from samba, with strong American jazz influences. In Brazil, the word “BOSSA” is old-fashioned slang for something done with particular charm, natural flair, or innate ability. It means literally “new trend” or “new wave” in Portuguese.
And these are the concepts responsible for defining the creative and refined style of Bossa Event Rentals.




Whether you are looking for one-of-a-kind ornate pieces or modern multiples you will find that BOSSA RENTALS offers a creative inventory.

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BOSSA is an inventive creative firm. Offering rentals and design, we work alongside companies, couples, and communities to create and design elevated experiences through creative, intentional event environments.

Curated Items

At BOSSA Rentals we focus on introducing effortlessly elegant pieces into event spaces. From refined casual designs to modern heirloom items, we believe that our curated pieces gracing your event should not only be of exceptional quality but also as unique as the moments you are celebrating.

Let's Create Together

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